Vineyard Valley Golf Club and Driving Range

Golf Course and Driving Range are open to the public all season 

Vineyard Valley Golf Club and Driving Range is a scenic, 9-hole course laid out on what used to be a vineyard, thus the name. This Pomfret Center golf course spans 3,033 yards of golf and features two holes par of threes, two holes par of fives and five holes par of fours. Also, there is a Driving Range and two practice greens on this course.

Between 1972 and 1990 the majority of the land that now encompasses the golf course was a grape vineyard producing grapes which were made into wine by Hamlet Hill Winery (no longer in business).  Grapes grown here received many awards for red, white, and rose' wines.

Gus Loos a prominent local businessman designed the golf course as a private golf course for the pleasure of his family and friends.  The first 5 holes of the golf course were installed in 1985.  Golf was played in 2 different directions on 4 of the holes resulting in a 9 hole course layout.  However, play was limited to only 12 people at a time to avoid being hit by a golf ball.

Shortly after the opening of Vineyard Valley it was decided to open as a private golf club, construction was completed as a 9 hole 3,033 yard golf course in 1990 on 70 acres of land in rural Pomfret, Ct.

Holes of note: the ninth hole is what Gus Loos the designer of the course considered to be eastern Connecticut's answer to the famous island green at the 17th hole at Sawgrass in Florida. Playing anywhere from 120 to 160 yards, the green is fronted by a watery marsh that has been and will continue to be the graveyard of many a good score.  

A castle sits between the 6th green and the 7th tee, at the very top of the hillside the course is set on. With panoramic views of the countryside. 

The course is now under the new ownership of Jabbar Mowaish as of  November 1st 2017

Vineyard Valley Dress Code, Proper Attire Please
Please refrain from wearing tank tops, work boots, cut offs and sweat pants.  Golf shirts and golf shoes are required.  Offensive and ripped t-shirts are not allowed. Hanging pants are not permitted.
We appreciate your cooperation.
In accordance with our Ct. State Liquor license please refrain from bringing your own alcohol on the premises.
Thank you for your understanding