Vineyard Valley Golf Club

Vineyard Valley Golf Club is a scenic, 9-hole Pomfret Center golf course laid out on what used to a vineyard, thus the name. Steeply sloped, this course spans 3,033 yards of golf and features three holes that either go straight up or straight down the hillside. The other six holes travel across the slope, providing a challenging variety of uphill, downhill and side hill lies. It is rare to get a flat lie anywhere on this course. The yardage is welcoming, but constant breezes and awkward stances make this course more challenging than one might guess.

The fourth hole is one of the more demanding, requiring a well-struck shot to the corner. For those fortunate enough to land in a desirable spot -- 100 to 140 yards from the green -- the troubles will not be over quite yet. The next challenge is the side hill / downhill lie to a downhill green that severely slopes left. It is one of the most demanding short approaches in the entire region. However, those who conquer our Pomfret Center golf course leave with their heads held high, anxious to come back again and try to better their score.

Holes of note: the ninth hole is what Gus Loos the designer of the course considered to be eastern Connecticut's answer to the famous island green at the 17th hole at Sawgrass in Florida. Playing anywhere from 120 to 160 yards, the green is fronted by a watery marsh that has been and will continue to be the graveyard of many a good score.  

A castle sits between the 6th green and the 7th tee, at the very top of the hillside the course is set on. With panoramic views of the countryside. 

Vineyard Valley Dress Code, Proper Attire Please
Please refrain from wearing tank tops, work boots, cut offs and sweat pants.  Golf shirts and golf shoes are required.  Offensive and ripped t-shirts are not allowed. Jeans are allowed in cooler weather.  Jeans and pants must be pulled up and low hanging pants are not permitted.
We appreciate your cooperation.

In accordance with our Ct. State Liquor license please refrain from bringing your own alcohol on the premises.
Thank you for you