All Lessons with USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional 
John Malizia (Head Pro) Or Mike Demers (Asst Pro)

Players Feedback
"John: I shot an honest 40 today at Vineyard Valley GC. Even birdied ninth with 23’ putt. I credit your instructions because nothing like this was happening before. A few improving rounds at Roseland earlier this week were part of upward spike in good recent results. “Straight left arm, accelerated downswing” and a few other points all helped.
Game changing stuff. More enjoyable out there. Thanks again"
Bob Wood
Hey John
"Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for helping with my golf swing over the summer. You were able to quickly identify where my swing had slipped, coach me on how to correct the issues and ultimately bring it to the course. I am once again playing with confidence and back to a single digit. The bunker help now has me getting out with ease and friends asking me for advice. 
Thanks for the help. It’s great to be enjoying golf again." 

2021 Lesson Packages 
One Hour Lesson: $70.00 With John
3 Hour lessons: $180.00 (Series of 3) With John

One Hour Lesson: $60.00 With Mike

3 Hour lessons: $150.00 (Series of 3) With Mike

Guarantee you to save strokes from your score by:
1) Learn to mange your Sand Trap Play
2) Uneven Lies

3) And all Facets of the Game

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